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Business Milestone Coaching

In recent decades, many people have been starting businesses; however, majority of them had trouble to generate sufficient profits. The primary purpose of any business owner is to make adequacy profit and maximize return on investments (ROI). However, in today’s fast-paced competitive economy, operating successful business requires enough preparations in areas such as; leadership, quality management, financial management, customer satisfaction and retention, logistics, data warehouse, and production process.

To overcome these and other related business challenges, Tropix Consulting is offering business-coaching programs that have a tendency of producing significant successful results to most small and medium-size business owners. Unlike traditional training programs, which are often expensive and are time-consuming, mentoring program provides a cost-efficient alternative for getting your employees up-to-date; education they need at lower cost.
Tropix Consulting is offering mentoring program for helping the entrepreneurs to develop the skills, competencies, and relationships that are needed to become a successful business owners. Moreover, Tropix Consulting extends our services to support your business in form of psychosocial support, social capital, and social network. Tropix Consulting offers coaching services to new and existing business owners. With coaching service, our experienced staffs work close with your employees in agreed key business departments. The point is to help your business from any obstacles that slowing down operations of your business. Our coaching program dedicated to offer detail step-by-step procedures to guide you business to overcome tough economic environments. Moreover, our coaching program designed to facilitate your business in many ways including:

  • Assist in shaping your business visions.
  • Establishes unique value proposition compared to your competitors.
  • Executed through operations that provide different and tailored value to customers.
  • Identifies clear tradeoffs and clarifies what not to do.
  • Focuses on activities that fit together and reinforce each other.
  •  Drives continual improvement within the organization and moves it toward its vision.
Benefits of Our Mentoring Programs to your Business
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Talent development
  • Employee retention
  • Employee productivity
  • Diversity enhancement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Employer branding
  • Development of high potentials
  • Skill and leadership development


Development of High Potentials
Tropix Consulting will facilitate your business in retaining your ambitious and talented employees. Through offering a promise of a supportive mentor and a structured mentoring program, the program will instantly attract the most capable and motivated candidates to your organization. In this way, you signal to all potential employees that you are invested in their personal and professional success, and will go the extra mile to nurture their careers. Once you determine your new hires, our mentoring program will enable these employees to get to understand your organization faster and adapt to your culture, making your onboarding process more efficient and effective.
Our mentor programs enable each of your employees to reach their full potential at your organization. The programs give you the ability to promote your employees’ personal and professional development in a strategic and supportive way, leading to enhanced return on investment per individual. Mentoring helps, you keep your talented employees of all backgrounds, adding a creative knowledge base and establishing your competitive advantage in front of an increasingly diverse clientele.
Moreover, the program develops direct, hands-on skills tailored to their individual needs, on a just-in-time basis. This enables employees to stay productive on the job instead of having to attend hours or days of traditional classroom training. Where traditional training programs may illustrate theory, our mentoring partnerships help employees translate theory into action with the ability to use their learning immediately on projects or assignments. A targeted mentoring program enables you to actively motivate and engage your most promising people - an indispensable part of successful workforce planning and succession planning strategy.  All participants in the mentoring program enhance not only their target competencies, but also their leadership skills, teamwork, ability to compromise, and self-awareness. All of these hard and soft skills add to your employees’ value to your organization.