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As complexity of doing business has been intensify, business owners have found themselves with not choices, except to run their business in an efficient manner including handling financial records in an orderly manner. You cannot run a successful business if you neglect your financial records unattended. With the help of our sister company, Tropix Financial Services,  Tropix Consulting understood that majority of small and medium-size business owners have no or have little knowledge of accounting-related background. If your business lacks expertise in accounting field, do not panic. Tropix Financial Services has experienced staff to suite the desire of your business.

We have various packages of accounting services that meet the desire of businesses of all levels. Tropix Financial Services offers various accounting-related services such as:

  • Data set-up.
  • Offering daily bookkeeping services.
  • Be in call or periodically assist in closing financial statements.
  • Assist in data interpretation.
  • Assist in preparing projected financial statements to suite your business's short and long-term strategic plan.
  • Assist in any other accounting-related needs.

Since major decisions of your company depend on the data prepared from your business’s financial statements; that means, there is not room for margin of error in preparing accurate, detailed, and understandable financial statements.


Please, call us at (816) 454-7524 to tell us about your current situation and to learn more about what we can do for you.

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