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Quality Management

The growth of science and technology has revolutionized the way business owners and customers interact.  Technology has introduced new ways of conducting business by speeding up transaction processing rates, enabling buyers and sellers to communicate much faster regardless of geographical distance, augmenting competition among business owners, and increasing the choices and preferences of buyers.  As the complexity of business has grown, owners find the only choice to succeed in competition is to manufacture products and offer services that meet local and international quality standards.  Therefore, total quality management (TQM) has become a prerequisite for the survival of most businesses.  Because customers can compare and purchase various products from all parts of the world, producers less committed or have failed to invest in quality management have difficulty competing.  However, implementing resilient TQM is not an easy task, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with fewer resources than large organizations. 

Tropix Consulting understood that business owners struggling with the implementation of comprehensive quality management programs have a high probability of producing inferior products and delivering poor services to their customers. Although implementing resilient TQM is an expensive and overwhelming project to undertake for most SMEs, Tropix Consulting is enthusiastic to work together with you at any budget size to make sure you get the service you need at a reasonable price and at a timely manner.

The choice is in your hands to take bold and constructive action now for the better future of your venture. Your business cannot maximize return on investment (ROI) if you do not have strategic planning that embrace quality initiative as one of the competitive advantage against your business competitors or new rivals. As a strategy to revamp TQM, Tropix Consulting offers the following quality-related services:

  • Continuous improvement: Tanzason Consulting is enthusiastic to assist your business in continual processes through directing organizational representatives how to pursue the major goals of maximizing revenue and minimizing operating costs.
  • Cost drivers.  Constantly, cost drivers needed to be minimized in order to maximize operating profit of your business. Tropix Consulting is eager to assist your business to identify major business operating expenses such as logistics, raw materials, and payroll expenses. Once the cost drivers are allocated, our staffs will be ready to work with you in term-fashion to establish constructive measures necessary to minimize or eliminated unnecessary costs.Constantly, cost drivers needed to be minimized in order to maximize operating profit of your business.
  • Customer-supplier relationship.  The customer-supplier relationship consists of the interactions between company and suppliers and the interactions between company and customers, essential for raising the quality of products at a reasonable cost to achieve customer satisfaction.  Tropix Consulting is committed to work with your business in an attempt of improving this essential relationships with your customers and suppliers.
  • Data warehouseTropix Consulting is capable and willing to assist your business to build current and comprehensive data warehouse, all these at reasonable price. To build competitive advantage, your business needs the data warehouse dedicated to supplying valuable information required for decision making, such as designing, manufacturing, budget forecasting, competitor analysis, and continuous improvements. This information is mandatory for survival of any business through creation of comprehensive business competitive advantage against your competitors.
  • International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9000 certification.  The ISO 9000 certification is ideal both for local and international operating businesses. However, The ISO 9000 certification is mandatory for international committed businesses. Tropix Consulting is here to provide all help your business need to acquire the certification that is essential for your business in an attempt of meeting both local and international quality standards.
  •  Organizational change.  Change is permanent and unavoidable scenario for any business entity. Change is tough, scare, and too demanding. At Tropix Consulting, we do understand that and we are willing to assist your business in all change-related milestones. Tropix Consulting offers assistance to overcome change-related pressure while implementing required structure to facilitate the transitional process of employees, terms, and organizational culture and to accept changes essential to meeting the long-term success of your organization.
  • Sustainable competitive advantage.  A sustainable competitive advantage is a long-term competitive business strategy maintained and based on future-oriented management goals that can be used as a standard for business reconstruction. Working closer with you and your staffs, Tropix Consulting is committed to work with you through allocating identifiable and unique features of your business that are essential in favor of your business target markets. Building comprehensive sustainable competitive advantage for your business is mandatory and prerequisite for your business to sustain ongoing intense global competition. For instance, high quality products, superior logistics, and good customer service.
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