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As new technology images and complexity of doing business grows, business owners around the word found themselves with little choice, except to invest heavily on new technology and training their employees advanced techniques of running business. At Tropix Consulting, we understood the need of business owners to invest in training your employees and the difficulties of successifully reaching this essential milestone. As a ...


Periodically, Tropix Consulting is offering seminary in various areas of business operations such as marketing, quality management, business management, accounting, and change management. Our seminar programs are friendly and comprehensive enough to make you and or your employees relax and be able to focus on contents and presentations of our speakers. Our seminars always are design to offer many benefits in your business that includes:


In recent years, we have seen an increase of complexity of doing business around the world. This complicity is mainly contributed by advancements of science and technology and many governments around the world have relaxed the barriers of doing business with other countries. Since these difficulties of doing business are keeping intensifying, most small and medium-size business owners have started to invest heavily on hiring external exper...


Due to increase of globalization, outsourcing, downsizing, and technological innovations; together they have changed the work environment and created a more mobile workforce. This situation creates more challenges to most small and medium-size business owners with no satisfactory experience in advanced business management. To overcome this and other related problems, ...