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Choosing the Right Quality Improvement Strategy

There are many different theories on how to go about improving the quality of your business’ products or services.  Although they processes are sometimes different, the end goal is always the same; happier customers or clients.

Product improvement, process improvement, and people based improvement are all characteristics of quality improvement.  There have been many different approaches to reaching better quality products and services over the years.  Different organizations have used different proponents in hopes to reach small, medium and large gains.  Each approach has its own successes and failures.  The common differentiators between success and failure include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • commitment,
  • knowledge,
  • expertise to guide improvement,
  • scope of change and improvement desired,
  •  and adaption to enterprise cultures. 
Managers of organizations should carefully research which method to adopt.

Business culture and the people that make up the culture are important factors to consider when choosing an approach to quality improvement.  It is important for managers and employers to comprehend that any change within a business takes time to put into operation correctly, gain recognition by the employees, and become stabilized as an adequate practice amongst the organization.  This process is often referred to as change management. When implementing new changes within an organization, it is important to allow time for the change to grow and success to happen.  When a change is implemented and growth is not measured, the change was not yet truly successful.

When an organization looks to change their culture, these changes take longer due to the fact that they have to overcome the resistance of the employees.  It has been suggested that organizations should make smaller improvements throughout time rather than making huge changes all at once when aiming for quality improvement.  It is usually when an organization is in crisis that making changes works the best because the employees know that something needs to be changed in order for the organization to proceed and be successful.  It should still be done in a well, thought out manner.

Quality improvement will always measure where a company’s products and services stand and how to make them better at a more reasonable cost.  The specific aim is not to point blame at certain individuals, but to prevent errors from happening within an organization.  Activities associated with improving quality can be very accommodating.  Although it may be challenging for organizations to figure out the defects in their systems, it will be very rewarding in the end when the organization moves toward success.  Quality improvement is a great way for organizations to brainstorm together and think outside of the box.  Managers should always want to see better production numbers with suitable quality.

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