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Empower the indispensable knowledge to the next level of business success

When it comes to improving your skills and taking your business to the next level, there is really no substitute for a live learning event. By interacting with a roomful of peers, asking questions of subject matter experts, and examining real-world applications of the information you are covering, it really helps cement your new knowledge of either starting a new business or operating the existing one.
Only Tropix Consulting provides you with such a wide array of topics covering the business-related problems you are facing every day; absolutely, free or near free. Our live events are led by expert trainers who have been in your shoes and know the issues and concerns you are facing, and how to solve them.
Delivered in a fun and interactive manner, each of our live events will equip you with the latest techniques, tips, and best practices you need to implement your new knowledge right away to your business.

The benefits of live training:
Do not wait until something happens!
You do not have to live with that inadequate business operations pressure!
Relay on us to solve your business operations problems permanently!

Bellow is a list of advantages that you will benefit for attending our live seminars. Keep in mind, the list is not exhaustive!

  • The latest, most up-to-date business-related information delivered by experts in the field.
  • In-depth training on the business topics you need.
  • A chance to interact with others facing the same problems you are.
  • Fun and interactive activities help your new skills stick with you.
  • The opportunity to ask questions face-to-face about the business-related problems.


Looking to start a business or to expand the old one? Please, visit this page regularly since we always have what is new! In case you miss one today, we do post new seminars regularly. Tropix Consulting is a name you can trust…Consistency and quality… time after time.
Grow your business with us.
It is not our job….it’s our life style!
Be ready to be surprised with our exquisite services!


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