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Understanding Core Principles of Starting a Successful Business: Novice Entrepreneur

When:       July 25, 2016
Time:        08:30AM – 10:00PM
Cost:         $0:00 (FREE)
Location:  Holiday Inn:  7333 NE Parvin Rd, Kansas City, MO 64117
Tutor:       Dr. Johnson Mganga


Why Business Strategies?

More than 50% of all small businesses close within the first 5 years. The common reason noted by Dunn & Bradstreet for contributing to a failed business is inadequate business strategies or poorly focused and executed business strategies. According to Hisrich (2008), “Although there are many causes of business failure, the most common is insufficient experience”. Many prospective small business owners are just concerned with selling and do not understand the right business model of their businesses.

Lack of business knowledge and strong business model, among others, can be considered as the primary factors for failure of most small and medium-size businesses around the world.

Course Outline/What Will You Learn

Based on the latest business strategy study findings, this course will help prospective business owners to understand:
  •  The right business to start. 
  • Product evaluation checklist
  • Service business checklist
  • 20 questions before starting a business
  • 10 steps before starting an effective business
  •  Importance of a business plan
  • Procedures of writing comprehensive and articulate business plan
  • Importance of having strong business model
  • Getting business assistance and training
  • Tips for choosing your business location
  • Ways of Financing your business
  • The legal structure of your business
  • Form of business entity to establish
  • Factors to consider when naming your business
  • Intellectual property law
  • Federal licenses and permits
  • Hiring your first employee
  • Writing effective job descriptions
  • Importance of having detailed employee handbooks
  • Tips for retaining your new customers
  • Government regulations
  • Importance of implementing effective trademarks, patents, and copyrights in your business

Who Should Attend

Prospects and very newly business owners

About the Instructor

Johnson Mganga is the owner and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tropix Group, that includes the following companies:
  • Tropix Consulting LLC: A small and medium-size enterprises (SME) consulting company that provides training, seminar, and coaching to local and international corporations.
  • African Rooster Directory: Diaspora Top Class marketing directory
  • Tropix Financial Services LLC: A financial services company that offers bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services.

Dr. Mganga is an experienced executive with strong track record of business management in areas of administration, marketing, quality management, taxation, and accounting.

Dr. Mganga holds an M.B.A. with specializatin in Entrepreneurship from Newman University in Wichita, Kansas. He also received his Ph.D. with specialization in International Business from Northcentral University in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

His research focuses on the challenges that small and medium-size enterprises (SME) owners face in implementing and maintaining resilient total quality management (TQM).

Dr. Mganga is highly enthusiastic to share his academic and practical experiences with you since he cares about your business initiatives.