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Why Businesses Rise or Fall - Understanding Total Quality Management(TQM) and How to Listen the Voice of Customers

When:       December 28, 2016
Time:        10:00AM – 03:00PM
Cost:         $99:00
Location:  Holiday Inn Express
Address:   10804 S 15th St, Bellevue, NE 68123
Tutor:       Dr. Johnson Mganga

Why total quality management (TQM)?

The growth of science and technology has revolutionized the way business owners and customers interact.  Technology has introduced new ways of conducting business by speeding up transaction processing rates, enabling buyers and sellers to communicate much faster regardless of geographical distance, augmenting competition among business owners, and increasing the choices and preferences of buyers.  As the complexity of business has grown, owners find the only choice to succeed in competition is to manufacture products and offer services that meet local and international quality standards.  Therefore, total quality management (TQM) has become a prerequisite for the survival of most businesses.  Because customers can compare and purchase various products from all parts of the world, producers less committed or have failed to invest in quality management have difficulty competing.

Course Outline/What Will You Learn

Small and medium enterprises lack quality initiatives essential to the establishment of competitive business advantages required to secure a market share and to compete in business.  In addition to competing with domestic businesses, SMEs must compete with cheaper, imported, lower-quality products, which discourage consumers from buying locally manufactured yet more expensive products.
Based on the latest business management researches, this course will help you broaden your ability to understand competitive advantage, one of the fundamental unique business strategies that exist when a firm can deliver the same benefits as competitors but at a lower cost. Through a highly interactive format, you will learn the importance and influence of TQM and its drivers such as:
(a) competitive advantage,
(b) competitor analysis,
(c) continuous improvement,
(d) cost drivers,
(e) customer-supplier relationship,
(f) data warehouse,
(g) organizational change,
(h) strategic alliance, and
(i) sustainable competitive advantage.

You will also define your leadership operating philosophy and gain insight into a wider repertoire of effective leadership styles and how and when to use each in respect of TQM. Through analysis of videos and case studies, you will increase your understanding of how corporate culture influences TQM in a way that engage the workforce and drive them toward greater business results. You will leave with concrete ideas for enhancing your leadership presence and maximizing your leadership effectiveness on quality management. Moreover, you will leave with a wide knowledge on TQM including its definition, factors that influence TQM, TQM implementation process, ways of maintain resilient TQM, and usability of TQM against competitors or new rivals.

Course Outcome
  • Introduction to total quality management (TQM)
  • Quality initiatives in to Small and Medium-size Enterprise owners
  • Understanding TQM as a competitive strategy
  • Understanding TQM in relation to customer-supplier relationship
  • Effects of strategic planning and organizational effectiveness on building functional TQM
  • Understanding international quality standards ( ISO 9000 or its equivalent series)
  • Understanding employee influence in building resilient TQM
  • Understanding profitable and unprofitable strategies in relation to TQM
  • Competition and cooperation
  • Contribution of knowledge resources in TQM

Who Should Attend

Middle management levels and above who are responsible in daily decision-making and responsible in implementing and maintaining resilient TQM.

About the Instructor

Johnson Mganga is the owner and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tropix Group, that includes the following companies:
  • Tropix Consulting LLC: A small and medium-size enterprises (SME) consulting company that provides training, seminar, and coaching to local and international corporations.
  • African Rooster Directory LLC: Diaspora Top Class marketing directory
  • Tropix Financial Services LLC: A financial services company that offers bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services.

Dr. Mganga is an experienced executive with strong track record of business management in areas of administration, marketing, quality management, taxation, and accounting.

Dr. Mganga holds an M.B.A. with specialization in Entrepreneurship from Newman University in Wichita, Kansas. He also received his Ph.D. with specialization in International Business from Northcentral University in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

His research focuses on the challenges that small and medium-size enterprises (SME) owners face in implementing and maintaining resilient total quality management (TQM).

Dr. Mganga is highly enthusiastic to share his academic and practical experiences with you since he cares about your business initiatives.