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In recent years, we have seen an increase of complexity of doing business around the world. This complicity is mainly contributed by advancements of science and technology and many governments around the world have relaxed the barriers of doing business with other countries. Since these difficulties of doing business are keeping intensifying, most small and medium-size business owners have started to invest heavily on hiring external expertise in their efforts to seek advice in these tough times. Tropix Consulting understood this kind of difficult that your business is facing and we are capable and willing to work with you to rescue your business from shut-down conditions. Majority of our staffs possess master or doctorate degrees from prestigious universities.

Please do not wait until your doing business reached a point of not return, this is a right time for you to take a bold action to rescue your business on ongoing global business challenges. Tropix Consulting has experienced staffs that are enthusiastic to share their expertise with you and your staffs once you are ready to do business with us. Our staffs are eager to work with you in all key segments of your business operation such accounting, marketing and sales, business management/leadership, quality management, or change management.

Estimations are free while we are working with you to identify complexity and magnitude of the problems that are facing your business. Once the problems are identified, the next step is to prepare more than one package or ways of fixing your business problem(s). This is a best approach because it gives you some options to choice the package that fits the size of your business problems and a budget allocated for this matter.

Advantages of using a consultant versus hiring a new employee:

  • Avoid a hassle of hiring and firing employee: This allows you to maintain your core group of employees and add additional talent for special projects, vacation fill-in, promotions, seasonal variations, business cycles, and so-forth. When the need subsides, you don't have to go through all the problems and hurt feelings involved in laying off regular employees.
  • New skills: Consultants often have skills and abilities that are not available in your organization. They can be engaged to provide special talent as needed and can often pass those skills on to your regular staff.
  • Stick to your core business: Outsourcing your technical needs can free your management staff to concentrate on your core business.
  • Economic: After you add in overhead and management costs, hiring consultants or "temps" is often less expensive.
  • More productive: Highly skilled professionals are often more productive than in-house staff. People who freelance their skills usually have many years of solid experience to draw on. Often older, they are less distracted by outside concerns and have acquired a healthy work ethic.
  • Cost avoidance: Using consultants at the beginning of a project or change in business methods can often save hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road. Good consultants have seen what works and what doesn't work. Their experience can steer you away from pitfalls you may not know exist.


 In recent decades, most business owners have started using the business consultants in tough state of affairs such as in take over and buyout situations. Tropix Consulting has experienced and knowledgeable staffs to handle take over and buyout and other related situations. You can expect our staffs to perform various services in this scenario include but not limited to:

  • Risk assessments
  • Take over and buyout appraisals
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business competitive factors
  • Market position assessments
  • Products and services assessment

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