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Due to increase of globalization, outsourcing, downsizing, and technological innovations; together they have changed the work environment and created a more mobile workforce. This situation creates more challenges to most small and medium-size business owners with no satisfactory experience in advanced business management. To overcome this and other related problems, most study findings and consultants have been encouraging small business owners to utilize the importance of mentoring programs.
Tropix Consulting understands that self-employed individuals, including nascent entrepreneurs and established business owners, have different developmental needs than individuals within an organization and may need to rely on multiple sources of support simultaneously and throughout their entrepreneurial careers. Tropix Consulting is offering coaching service that guarantee working closer with you in every chosen stapes in an attempt of correcting problems and maximizing return of investments (ROI) of your firm.
With coaching service in hand, our staffs utilize teamwork leadership-style with our clients in attempt of identifying critical problems much faster. Then, relating potential solutions to these problems. Our mentoring program has developed to function beyond its organizational roots toward an approach that is person-focused as a way to maximize output to our protégé. Business coaching is highly new business educative style that most small and medium-size business owners opt to choose as their primary solution for their business problems.
Tanzason Consulting offers corporate mentoring programs that foster important developmental relationships to business owners and employees by providing:
  • career support,
  • psychosocial support, and
  • facilitating the transfer of social capital and knowledge.
Hence, the aspect of mentoring that is perceived to foster successful business and personal experiences and outcomes are:
(a) Access to an ad hoc mentoring team of subject matter experts,
(b) Opportunities to learn essential business skills,
(c) Psychosocial support from our mentoring program, and
(d) Networking and relationship-building opportunities.
Once utilized properly, coaching service is one of the effective types of consulting service since it allows us to work very closely with you. Coaching service extends duration of business contracts with our customers compare with other forms of consulting services with offer; however, the results of this service are worth to invest.
One-on-One Coaching
Tanzason Consulting recommends that if you want make the fastest and most long-lasting changes to your business, one-on-one coaching is the most effective program for you. In our personalized programs, you will meet with our mentor on a regular basis. Tanzason Consulting possesses numerous programs to fit various budgets. The program begins for your mentor to perform comprehensive assessments and evaluations of your business in order to learn the nature of your business and leadership style. The next step is for you and your mentor to work on time-tested, world-class business strategies to maximize your business degree of productivity.
Group Coaching
If one-on-one coaching programs does not fit your desire, group coaching is another best alternative to choice. Group coaching program works better for small and medium-size business owners either that have limited budgets or who want to be part of a group of fellow business owners. Like the individualized model, the participants of group coaching meet on a regular basis and go through comprehensive assessments and evaluations of their business status. On a weekly basis, all group participants will have allotted time within the group to present challenges and get help from the group mentor and from other business owners as well.

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