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Start a Business

In business arena, anybody has an opportunity to start a business and become a business owner regardless the level and type of education you or your experience backgrounds. However, starting and managing a flourishing business, it takes motivation, desire, and talents. It also takes research and planning. Like a chess game, success in small business starts with decisive and correct opening moves. In addition, although initial mistakes are not fatal, it takes skill, discipline and hard work to regain the advantage. Research data showed that 66% of new businesses surviving at least two years, 44% surviving at least four years, and 31% surviving at least seven years. Tropix Consulting is here to assist you to evade these ambiguities in your milestone of starting your business.  To avoid unnecessary business shutdown, Tropix Consulting is encouraging you to rely on our services since it possesses knowledgeable and experienced experts that are enthusiastic to work with you in a timely manner and in every step of growing your business.

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Business Plan

What is a business plan?
A business plan is an instrument used to document the intent and plans of the owner regarding every aspect of the business. The document itself can be used to communicate plans, strategies, and tactics to your managers, partners, and investors. It is also used when you are applying for business loan.

The business plan contains both strategies and tactical objectives, and...

Business Milestone Coaching

In recent decades, many people have been starting businesses; however, majority of them had trouble to generate sufficient profits. The primary purpose of any business owner is to make adequacy profit and maximize return on investments (ROI). However, in today’s fast-paced competitive economy, operating successful business requires enough preparations in areas such as; leadership, quality management, financial management, cus...


When you talk about starting a business, most of you start thinking where to get a starting capital, how business management will be, or what kind of the business to start. Of course, you are right about that. Like other major projects, when you think to start the business, you need to have significance preparations in order to maximize possibility of prosper and capitalize the business return of investment (ROI). However, you might be wro...

Our Functional Consulting Expertise

Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and oppotunities:

Enterprise Strategy
Customer Services
Total Quality Management
Organizational, Change, and Leadership
                                                             It is not often that you get everything you want in one place. At TROPIX CONSULTING, you will.

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  • Guide in identifying business opportunities.
  • Guide in choosing the write business to start.
  • Guide in raising working capital.
  • Guide in balancing the capital ratio.
  • Guide in writing a comprehensive business plan.
  • Guide in preparing tangible budget and financial forecasting.
  • Guide in identifying the right business model (the profit making machine).
  • Guide in business registration (EIN, state, and local government).
  • Guide in finding the right business location.
  • Guiding in business growth and expansion.
  • Guide in building strong executive development and recruitment.
  • Guiding in financial management.
  • Guiding in profit engineering.
  • Guide in pricing strategy
  • Guide in profitability improvement.
  • Guide in sales and marketing planning.
  • Guide in strategic planning for the future.
  • Guide in business succession planning.
  • Guide in turnaround and restructuring.
  • Guide in forming resilient and workable organizational structure.
  • Guide in management reporting systems.
  • Guide in operational strategy and process improvement.
  • Guide in productivity and incentives.
  • Guide in competitive analysis.